East Coast Paella Co.

Event Packages min order $2000 +GST

Why not make it easy and book something that has been proven and works like one of our Common Party Packages!

Simple event Package:

Paella for up to 100 guests and guests come to us to be served Paella

$2 200 

$500 non refundable deposit required to confirm booking

Our finest anti -pasto platters Or  either Salad option followed by Paella

With your guests coming up to us to be served or serving themselves at the paella pans

Salads listed below

50 guests @ $1800 / 100 guests @ $3500 

25% non refundable deposit required to confirm booking

Anti-pasto, Paella and Salads



Anti-pasto, Paella and Salads....everything taken care of

Local selection of cheeses .smokey chorizo, salami and prosciutto with fresh local fruits of the season. Walnuts and crackers.

Table will be kept topped up for 1- 1.5hrs leading to service of mains..guests coming to the pans to be served

Or for parties over 120 guests we can run a serve yourself option that cut down on extra staff costs .... which actually works really well ....it's quicker as 2-3 people can be serving themselves at the same time from each pan...

.paella 3 choices potentially

Seafood, ( Australian prawns, calamari and mussels )

Chicken, pulled pork and chorizo

Roasted vegetarian paella

accompianied by

Up to 6 fresh and delicious salad options for 100 guests to choose from...

Crispy Chicken,chorizo & raw vegetable salad with mustard and homemade red wine mayonnaise dressing

Beetroot feta, rocket & walnut salad with avocado oil, horseradish & white balsamic dressing

Roasted Mediterraniam vegetable salad with Tahini lemon dressing

Morrocan lentil salad with lemon garlic dressing

Fig, Pomegranate, rocket & pecan salad with blue cheese dressing

Classic Greek salad with honey mustard dressing

50 guests @ $2,400 / 100 guests @$4,400

please ask for a specific quote

tailored to your event to

suit your budget